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I love love, don't you? Especially when love is celebrated with lots of delicious food!

In addition to the cake, many find that dessert grazing tables really amplify the experience of a wedding by bringing everyone around a tasty space to mingle while they satisfy their sweet tooth. Don't be afraid to mix and match breads, cookies, pie and pretzels! 

Minimum Order for Weddings: $700

Contact Us to get a copy of our exclusive always-from-scratch flavor menu, request a quote, or just ask questions!


My First Wedding Cake,
               way back in 2019

This cake was made for local photographer Tiffany Longeway for her stunning October wedding, and I had the honor of being filmed while setting up by Fritz (@fritz_paper_scissors on instagram).
This was my first wedding cake made for a client, but the second one I'd ever made (the first being for myself and my husband about 3 months prior!)
I wanted to leave a special place on my website to thank Tiffany for all the help she has given me in getting my business going since this very first cake in my very first year of business.

 It is thanks to her that I have this website, my logo, and so many
incredible photos of my creations. 
If you are looking for a wedding photographer, she's your gal.
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