These are the sprinkles that got me started, and now I get to share them with you!


Deluxe Mixes $12:


Vintage Rose ( pink, gold and white)


Wedding White (gold, white)


Pina Colada (green, yellow, silver and white)


Orbit (orange, gold, white, navy)


Old Hollywood (turquoise, pink, rose gold, gold)


American Hero ( Camoflage with stars, my personal favorite!)


Always a Bridesmaid (navy, pink, rose gold, white, silver)


Pink Lemonade (pink, silver, yellow..and another favorite!!)


Mouse Ears (black, yellow, red and white)




Specialty $14:


Hangin With My Peeps (easter bunny mix)


Strawberry Shortcake (pink, red, yellow, green and white strawberry mix)



Wedding White Sprinkle POP Sprinkles 4oz

  • non-refundable once openned or 30 days past purchase.