simple & sweet

Round Cake : $4 per serving

Sheet Cakes : $1 per serving

Let's agree on something; those supermarket cakes should just stay at the supermarket. With a completely customized cake, you can bring any event to the next level. From flavor to design, this classic dessert sets the scene of any party. And, let's not forget about baby's smash cakes!

everything's better on a stick!

One Dozen - $25

These are a top seller, and it's easy to see why. They're a mess free alternative to cake, and they make great party favors!

More is More

Tiered Cake: $5 per serving

Ah, the classic conundrum; "I want chocolate," "But I want vanilla!"

Well here's a simple solution: Have both flavors! Or one flavor, or even four! Bring sheer elegance to your event with a tiered cake. Available in 2 - 5 tiers

fun size

One Dozen - $25+

I've made it a point to elevate these sweet little things from a simple party snack to a decadent little cake all its own.

Muffins are also available for $15 per dozen.

Let's face it, half your guests are coming for the food.

$600 minimum

Wedding cake cost will include the fee for the cake tasting, the minimum purchase price is $600. Contact me for specific pricing or if you have any questions

have it your way

I've done the classics; vanilla, chocolate, you name it. But I can also give you a lovely lavender twist or a pop of pink champagne. 

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