Cookies & Pie


simple & sweet

 $5 /+  per serving

This Cookie Cake is something you won't find anywhere else. Fresh baked cookies and buttercream.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a half berry, half apple pie, since my hubby and I have differe
Pie & Cobbler


9inch - $30+

3 inch (12) - $48+

'pie bites' - (24) - $28+

Available in a plethora of flavors! Choose from; apple, mixed berry, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, pear, or an idea of your own! 

Mini pies are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving Feast; not only because they’re su

$48 / Dozen

just like the big ones, but little 3" single servings.


More is More

$6 /+  per serving

Ah, the classic conundrum; "I want chocolate," "But I want vanilla!"

Well here's a simple solution: Have both flavors! Or one flavor, or even four! Bring sheer elegance to your event with a tiered cookie cake. Available in 2 - 5 tiers


fun size

One Dozen - $40

I've made it a point to elevate these sweet little things from a simple party snack to a decadent little dessert all its own.


Let's face it, half your guests are coming for the food.

Wedding cakes are priced per serving depending on design and detail.


10 inch - $38

Available in any of my Giant Cookie flavors! 

Decorated with your choice of Royal Icing or Buttercream.