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Hi! I'm Breauna! 

Owner and baker here at Calculated Whisks Bakery. I am the 5th generation of my family to live here in the MotherLode.

My love for baking started when I was just a little girl. After I had my own little girl, I started making the cakes and goodies for her birthday parties and for other events and holidays. After a while, I just couldn't stop! So here I am! 

Along with baking, I also enjoy cooking, fishing, hiking, arts & crafts, and good old fashioned family movie nights. My family is everything to me. I come from a humble background, and never imagined that someday I'd be my own boss. I take a lot of pride in what i do, and I hope my work portrays that!

a Better Place.

I specialize in big, over-the-top cookies, REAL butter buttercream and good ol' fashion pie!

CFO TUO CO PERMIT #2019-0046

Bake the


A few of my favorite things...


My babies!

My kids are my universe. My daughter Ember is absolutely my mini me. She wants to learn how to bake like mama, and is well on her way. Levi's the middle and he is wicked smart like me, and wicked stubborn like dad! Our newest, River, is adorable and chunky and has stinky burps! lol


Fresh air!

What's better than a hike with your loved ones? Nothing! We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and we like to get out and embrace it. Whether we're fishing, hiking. or just taking in the sights, we're happy to get out and enjoy our surroundings.


My best friend.

Without my husband, I would not be who I am today. We eloped on July 10th 2019  but our friendship began in 2016. We are two goofy peas in a pod. He truly was and is the best friend I've ever had. He is so supportive, caring and loving. It's thanks to him that I have this business. 


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Prices are per serving, and range from $5 /+ per serving. Please inquire for the serving size chart.

Do you have an order minimum?

Order minimum is $100.

What types of goodies  do you do? 

Giant Cookies, Cookie 'Cakes, Other Cookies Related Fun Stuff,  and Pie!

What if I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for?

Contact me and we'll discuss your likes/dislikes and narrow down what you need for your event.


Long story...click this link if you'd like to know more.





This is my mom. My biggest fan. My cheerleader. My life long friend.

   She's from San Diego, and before that, North Carolina. She met my dad while he was down in So-Cal temporarily, and they started our family. Missing home, my father moved us back to Calaveras when I was 7. Soon, though, that fairy tale of living in the mountains crumbled. My father was a violent alcoholic, of which my mom and I took the brunt. My mom left and tried to take my brother and I with her, but he fought for custody and ultimately manipulated my brother and I into believing my mom's roommate was a bad person, so we stayed with dad.

   Over the years I faced many bruises and painful words, all the while hiding it from my mom. She had hurt enough and I have always been the strong silent type, and my dad really had me believing that he was within his rights being an abusive parent. I refuse to let my mom take blame for the cards we were dealt in life; as she is equally dealing with the traumas my father put us through. However, after my high school friend, who I was dating at the time, took his life, I fell apart. I told mom everything. After an attempt on my own life, my mom took a family friend's advice and had me taken to a hospital to get help. When I came back to my dads, I was met with anger, hate, and the ever-present violence. While I was being bullied at school for my 'bad reputation,' I was being bullied at home for the exact same thing and worse. Has your dad ever called you a slut? Has he ever told you he hoped to find you dead in a ditch the day after Halloween night so he wouldn't have to, in his words, "deal with you running off with boys"?

   It wasn't until a year after Sherard (my friend)'s death that I left my fathers house. I moved out to be with my mom. By that point, I was hell on wheels, angry at the world and had a lot to prove. I joined ROP Wildland Firefighting, and started hanging out with adults, specifically adult men, because I desired anything other than my piers at school, who had taken to calling me horrible names.  

   So anyway, eventually my behavior resulted in a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage at age 16. I thank God for this painful blessing, as it resulted in my parting ways with the would-be-father, who was well into his 20s. As well as leading me to my pregnancy with my daughter Ember, my rainbow baby.  All the while through this, my mom was there for me. Though I lied to her about where I was and what I was doing almost every day. I wasn't home often, but when I was, I slept in her bed, afraid to be alone in the dark. 

Soon after, I was blessed with my daughter Ember, and her father's family, whom I still am lucky enough to call family. Eventually, the teenage summer love Ember's dad and I shared faded, and we peacefully divorced. I have since remarried and had two beautiful boys. 

   Despite hardships, I have accomplished so much. Much more than my mom ever could by my age due to my dads drinking and abuse. 

Her dream was always to have a "Munchie Mobile" and drive around making good stuff.

My dream is to own a self-sustaining ranch and bakery.

It dawned on us recently, that both of our dreams can be realized if we work together.

This year, I launched our E-commerce shop, and will be using all profits towards our goals. I also host pop-ups, Farmers Market Booths, and have goodies available at MotherLode Grown in Downtown Sonora. I intend to use profits to start our family ranch, where we will have our very own dairy and eggs for Calculated Whisks' tasty treats! 

We love our community; thank you so much for your support! We truly appreciate and feel it in our hearts each and every day.

Publishing this information was inspired by the hashtag/movement End The Silence. Every day people you know are abused, physically and/or verbally behind closed doors. Please do your part in helping those who have been silenced by knowing the signs of abuse, and speaking up.

You could save a life.

In addition, as you can see by my story, statutory rape is rampant, especially here in our community. What is Statutory Rape? 

It is when an adult, someone over the age of 18, is intimate with someone who is a child, under the age of 18. In my own personal experience as a teen, I came across 5 of these a-holes. All while I was between 12-15, and they were each aged 21-25.

I used to be ashamed. I thought I was in the wrong for being a promiscuous, troubled teen. No. These men knew my age. They were sickos who took advantage of a little teenage girl. 

SAVE OUR CHILDREN including our teens.

As far as us: Our abuser walks the streets, pretending he's the proud father of successful children. I have lived in fear of him for far too long; even getting a home security system just in case of the worst. But, I refuse to cower to a worthless, cigarette-scented, alcoholic, pill-headed human meat sack any longer. God saved him from a fatal car accident in the last years, and I believe it was so he would live long enough to see the women he tried to destroy succeed without him. What better punishment is there for a narcissist after all?

As a company, we pledge to donate 15% profit annually, beginning in the year 2022, from all online sales to our local Center For A Nonviolent Community, who gave me the tools, as a teen, that I have used to manage my mental health and get where I am today. They offer youth counseling as well as many other services that are a necessity for our community.