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Hi! I'm Breauna! 

Original Owner and baker here at Calculated Whisks Bakery. Now, I'm one of three owners & lead cake decorator & pastry chef. I've been so humbled to watch the business grow since gaining my two incredible business partners. I am the 5th generation of my family to live here in the MotherLode. My love for baking emerged when I was just a little girl, making apple pie and freshly picked at the creek blackberry cobblers. We would go on adventures down the backroads of the MotherLode just to gather the perfect ingredients for our buttery desserts. We knew every hidden spot, magickal waterway, and burly oak. After 5 generations of my family residing in this beautiful County, how could we not? The feeling of going out to the woods, stream, or to the garden to gather food is incomparable to any other eating experience. It connects you with the Earth and the seasons, and gives you a feeling of pride because you had to earn your meal through some effort.

a Better Place.

Bake the


We grew up very close to nature, we fished and hunted for dinner. We chopped wood for warmth. We gardened sunflowers, squash, pumpkins, corn and tomatoes. I climbed oak trees and swam in the lake. And all of those outdoor experiences coincided with what food would be prepared in the kitchen and put on the table. This full circle life of knowing where my food came from is something I never realized many people lack. I grew up with this blessing,

About Me  

 this unfiltered connection to food, our Earth, and the knowledge that this Earth had provided for my ancestors since the dawn of time (some being Choctaw, Cherokee & Powhatan, and others being farmers from the Celtic, Germanic, French) Like my native ancestors, I hunt and fish, gather and garden, while running bare foot through the sticks and stones without a second thought. Like my Celtic ancestors who helped to build the railroads that created the country we know today, I work hard for long hours and never forget the opportunity I’ve been given. Like the French, I have a taste for the finer things; crisp buttery pastry, delicate Macarons, (and a good wine and cheese combo! Haha) . And similar to my Germanic ancestors, I won’t let you leave that dinner table until you’ve had at least two servings, I make a mean stew, and I expect we’ll all be at that dinner table together. Togetherness bonds a family, and food brings people together. I want every dish I make, be it sweet or savory, to bring people together. I want it to tell a story when you bite into it. I want you to be able to taste the happiness of the grass-fed cow that made the butter in the cookie, and feel the rush of that river that the blackberries grew by. I make everything with my whole heart and soul, and my biggest goal in life is to make people feel loved and connected to our Earth through the food I create.

CFO TUO CO PERMIT #2019-0046

A few of my favorite things...

Breauna + Koty Family.2021-81_Original.jpg

My babies!

My kids are my universe. My daughter is absolutely my mini. She wants to learn how to bake like mama, and is well on her way. Our oldest son is wicked smart (like his mom, *wink*), and wicked stubborn like his daddy! Our youngest little boy is a literal giant and loves everything to do with food; from eating to smashing. I love being a mother to these three little kids, they are my greatest blessings in life.


Fresh air!

What's better than a hike with your loved ones? Nothing! We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and we like to get out and embrace it. Whether we're fishing, hiking. or just taking in the sights, we're happy to get out and enjoy our surroundings.

I can't live a life indoors, it makes me stir-crazy. Get outside, don't litter, and enjoy the fresh air.

Breauna + Koty Family.2021-12.jpg

My best friend.

Without my husband, I would not be who I am today. Dakota has made me laugh every single day since I met him in 2016. That's over 2,190 days of laughing so hard my face hurts, and now I have laugh lines so I'm a bit peeved but hey, I'm happy. Anyway, if you come to the farmers market and convince him to be a stand-up comedian, I'll give you a free cookie or somethings lol. Not only does he crack me up, he holds me when I'm sad, and never stops making me feel like the center of his universe.  We are two goofy peas in a pod. He truly was and is the best friend I've ever had. 

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